We Asked Experts: What was your first crypto investment? How should we determine what to invest in?

We Asked Experts is an article series wherein we ask Web 3.0 experts and crypto natives their opinions on multiple Web 3.0 topics.

While doing your own research on Web 3.0, there will be a plethora of information that you can find online. Finding the right sources of information to listen to is something you will have to develop over time. We are helping you cut that research time in half by sharing what the people WE listen to have to say on certain topics.

This week, we asked them for advice on determining what to invest in; while some gave direct financial advice, XLD Finance will always advise readers to do their own research before investing into anything.

“My first crypto investment was Ethereum a while back. There are three categories of projects I look at: GameFi projects that are not limited to single centralized games but build up a token to support an entire ecosystem, interesting projects out there that are supporting infrastructure in the ecosystem, for example what the Graph is doing for indexing on chain, and SaaS for Blockchain will be a huge movement in the near future,” @chrizhuu, Mirror World CEO and Co-Founder

“Bitcoin [was my first crypto investment]. [You] should invest in BTC, ETH by DCA a small amount monthly,” George, WOO Network/Kronos Research Investment Analyst

“BTC and ETH were my first crypto investments. Always, DYOR and as cliche as it sounds, by DYOR you could actually learn so much! It’s like a free education for all — not only to spot good projects but to understand the thought process behind each project. As you read through many more whitepapers, you would acquire the sense to spot and distinguish great projects from the ones that are just so so,” R1n, YGG SEA Co-Founder & Country Manager for Indonesia

“Axie Infinity. Triple AAA games with good partners. This will secure your investment in the long run,” Mahalay, Axie Infinity Guild Manager

The interviews have been edited and condensed for clarity.

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