We Asked Experts: What play-to-earn games should we be looking at?

We Asked Experts is an article series wherein we ask Web 3.0 experts and crypto natives their opinions on multiple Web 3.0 topics.

While doing your own research on Web 3.0, there will be a plethora of information that you can find online. Finding the right sources of information to listen to is something you will have to develop over time. We are helping you cut that research time in half by sharing what the people WE listen to have to say on certain topics.

This week, we asked them about what play-to-earn games we should be excited for.

“Whilst there are many play-to-earn games that appear in the market, a small percentage of those make up a relatively good number. Currently, I am looking at Crypto Unicorns (not only because I love unicorns) but because I feel the game offers something smart and innovative. Other than that, I am adding my personal exposure to Axie Infinity — it’s a game that Ibelieve is here to stay.

There are also Galaxy Fight Club, Starsharks, and many more! Join the YGGSEA Discord Serverand you would see the play-to-earn games that we are partnering with. These are generally good games as the team has vetted them quite thoroughly.” R1n, YGG SEA Co-Founder & Country Manager for Indonesia

“Look for games that are actually fun to play but have longevity and actual endgame content — once economic incentives expire fun games are all that will be left and these will accrue LOTS of value.” George, WOO Network/Kronos Research Investment Analyst

“Mirror World of course! Aside from our AI powered GameFi matrix, games like DeHorizon has an edge in its gameplay while something like miniroyale has optimized for a low-poly browser based experience that is very unique.” @chrizhuu, Mirror World CEO and Co-Founder

“Avarik Saga, Cantina Royale, Gunzilla Games, Cross the Ages, Nyan Heroes: these are very high quality games built by teams with decades of experience in their relative fields.” Danilo, Morningstar Ventures CEO

“Axie Infinity. Look at the infrastructure (wallet, marketplace, sidechain, mobile wallet) but also look at how they communicate with their community. This should be the standard for crypto games that are looking to compete at the same level.” Kevin, AcadArena Co-CEO

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Stablecoin-based ecosystem driving financial inclusion through real-world financial services.

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XLD Finance

Stablecoin-based ecosystem driving financial inclusion through real-world financial services.

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