We Asked Experts: How do we take advantage of the current market situation?

We Asked Experts is an article series wherein we ask Web 3.0 experts and crypto natives their opinions on multiple Web 3.0 topics.

While doing your own research on Web 3.0, there will be a plethora of information that you can find online. Finding the right sources of information to listen to is something you will have to develop over time. We are helping you cut that research time in half by sharing what the people WE listen to have to say on certain topics.

This week, we asked them for advice on how we could take advantage of the current situation in the Web 3.0 market.

“Cut your losses, then diversify to other projects.” Mahalay, Axie Infinity Guild Manager

“We don’t know what stage the market is in right now, but keep building. Builders, especially in the bear market, attract good attention. While token prices will tank, the upside is tremendous when the bull market starts. Do not forget your vision: crypto is a long-term investment. It’s likely one of the biggest movements that will take years, if not decades, to bear fruit. Pace yourself, your community, and your team accordingly.” George, WOO Network/Kronos Research Investment Analyst

“The best opportunities always come when investors are fearful, we have seen this in the past. At the moment we are particularly excited about games that are being built right now and will come out within a year and bring in more crypto-users to the market. Also, we are betting on ‘education’ and ‘learn-to-earn’ concepts to be picking up in coming quarters, and that’s something that excites us and is very market neutral.” Danilo, Morningstar Ventures CEO

“From our perspective as a GameFi matrix, we’ve seen a shift in activity in the past few months. Economic models that were very popular in the past year faced challenges when it comes to sustainability, and there are many concerns regarding the current state of GameFi as well. However, we’ve seen many innovative designs in the token economy and believe that these are challenges that will propel the industry forward. We are exploring a singular token model with Republic when we design our cross-game tokenomics.” @chrizhuu, Mirror World CEO and Co-Founder

“[Go on] Youtube, Twitter, and the internet to continue digesting and curating information. Use Twitter list, my favorite feature on Twitter to create a clean stream of consciousness (information).” Kevin Hoang, AcadArena Co-CEO

The interviews have been edited and condensed for clarity.

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