The xPlorer Genesis NFT: Mint-Free and Good Enough to E.A.T.

3 min readJan 27, 2022


The XLD Finance Genesis NFT, or the xPlorers, began as a small project that was designed to make our community smile, particularly in this rough patch that the market is going through. But, after we launched xSpend, our first ecosystem project, we soon realized that the overflowing love, support, and trust that the community has continued to show us was worth more than a piece of digital art — so we decided to match it by elevating the Genesis NFT project to not just reflect the team’s heart, but to also continuously benefit its holders long after its initial release.

Most NFT projects will usually post the available pieces on a digital marketplace like OpenSea, with the buyer bearing the responsibility of claiming the NFT and minting it, guaranteeing a sky-high price even before their ownership is reflected on the ledger. Your friends at XLD Finance did not want you to go through that experience, so, the NFTs you will receive in your Metamask wallets will be pre-minted (read: absolutely free of charge). (If you used a Ronin wallet to transact on xSpend, don’t fret! We have a user guide of how to connect your Ronin wallet to your Metamask wallet so you can claim it on OpenSea without the minting fees too!)

It doesn’t end there. Holding the XLD Finance xPlorer also allows you to EAT: Evolve, Access, and Transact.

Through a very special partnership with Mirror World, our xPlorers won’t just be cute animated figures for you to stare at — they’ll stare right back at you and ask you why you keep staring! Each xPlorer will come to life a week after you receive it, all thanks to its Soul, an Artificial Intelligence Dialogue Chip that allows NFTs to become dynamic and interactive, giving holders a chance to talk and play with any of their NFTs. This makes the XLD Finance xPlorer particularly unique, as it will join a very small pool of NFT projects that are truly interactive. We also see the xPlorers to grow with you as you grow with us: the xPlorer you receive, even with the Soul, will not be its final form — even we haven’t seen its final form. Eventually, you will be able to dress it up in any way you want, transform it in any way you want (3D NFTs anyone?), and even take it wherever you go.

Your xPlorer will also be your all-access pass to the full XLD Finance ecosystem. Holders will receive 100% alpha and beta visibility for future products (GCash wen?), and they will also get exclusive whitelist access to viewings and testing of our ecosystem projects in the future. And just to give you a little more swag: xPlorer holders will also get an exclusive Discord role — something to flex on the people who joined the XLD Finance party a little bit later.

Your xPlorer will also be your personal XLD Finance butler: giving you the best transaction rates and fees as we come out with more and more projects. Holders will also automatically receive higher tier levels when we launch our loyalty program, opening them up to even more benefits at launch.

We hope this gets you excited about receiving your very own xPlorer. This is a direct reflection of the passion and hard work that the XLD Finance team puts in to give you, our community, the most seamless and convenient DeFi experience: whether it’s on any of our ecosystem projects or the channels through which we directly communicate with each other.

To learn more about the XLD Finance ecosystem and be alerted for future updates, please visit our website, xSpend, or follow us on Discord, Twitter, Medium, LinkedIn, and Telegram.




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