The Future of Multi-Chain Crypto Disbursements

What is a Multi-Chain Bridge?

Technically, crypto users can still transfer and exchange tokens between multiple blockchains without using a multi-chain portal, but it often entails higher fees and longer confirmation times.

Since more and more people are using cryptocurrency not just for trading but also as a standard mode of payment, businesses are in need of a more efficient way to send cryptocurrency to multiple people at once. For P2E guilds, and businesses that pay in crypto, managers need a quick, safe, affordable, and dependable platform to move crypto from different chains.

OmniX: Fast and Efficient Multi-chain Crypto Disbursements

A multi-chain exchange starts when two nodes connect to the OmniX network. Each node’s identity is encoded in its address, which includes a list of permissions. Then every node sends a message to the rest of the OmniX network. If the nodes have proven their identity to another node, the mining begins. If they don’t get satisfactory results from the process, the peer-to-peer connection ends.

There are a lot of cryptocurrency bridges to choose from. So, why OmniX? Aside from multi-chain disbursements, OmniX also has a number of other features that make it a unique crypto disbursement platform.

OmniX is a simple, user-friendly web-based multi-tool where a single transaction can pay up to a few thousand people. Bulk transactions incur only minor fees. Users can manage Payroll Groups where they can customize the details of each recipient, and track upcoming and past disbursements. P2E Guild Managers can set automated gaming income share payouts. For revenue sharing, automatic computations and periodic payments can be customized. While Payroll Managers can set salary rates. Learn more on how to use OmniX here.

OmniX makes it simpler to distribute crypto to several users simultaneously over various chains and networks, improving interoperability. Given how crucial interoperability is to Web3, OmniX provides communities, teams, and businesses with an easy-to-use crypto disbursement tool and eliminates the tedious process of 1:1 multi-chain crypto transactions.

Visit the OmniX website at, and experience the future of disbursement.

About OmniX

OmniX is a web-based multi-tool for cryptocurrency disbursements that provides companies and guilds with a convenient, safe, secure, and scalable platform to manage cryptocurrency disbursements across chains in a matter of clicks.

About XLD Finance

XLD Finance is a borderless decentralized ecosystem driving financial inclusion across emerging economies through fast, simplified, and easy-to-use “bank-like” products. With blockchain-based APIs, XLD Finance provides Web3 solutions to all Web2 financial problems by being payment rails for businesses to remove the complexity of traditional financial models.

To learn more about the XLD Finance ecosystem and be alerted of future updates, visit our website, or follow us on Discord, Twitter, Medium, LinkedIn, and Telegram.



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