Turn Your Earned Tokens to Mobile Credits through XLD!

According to our recent post, 2021 is the year the bull run raised the bar for cryptocurrency. Different crypto and blockchain projects have launched, forever changing the world’s economy and making millions of people adapt to crypto by helping them earn a living.

A lot of people have turned their attention to buying NFTs through play-to-earn games like the famous Axie Infinity where users battle creatures in the form of NFTs to earn SLP which users can liquidate to different cryptocurrencies.

But what if we tell you that there is another and better way in liquidating your SLP without having the need to withdraw or sell from an exchange?

With that being said, we are pleased to announce that something fresh and exciting is coming out soon from XLD!

Here’s a teaser to keep you on your toes:

Shall we say more? No, let’s just see what the XLD Community has to say.

Hungry for more? Then follow us here on Medium or join our XLD Community to get the latest news on our projects and the XLD Token.




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