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Schedule Crypto Disbursements with OmniX

As more businesses switch to digital payments, an increasing number of companies worldwide are using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as an alternative to cash for employee compensation. Crypto enhances the experience of traditional finance transfers, enabling simple, real-time, and secure transactions. While there are advantages to cryptocurrency, disbursing different amounts to various chains in multiple tokens or stablecoins is tedious work.

Through OmniX you can expedite crypto payments through Scheduled Disbursements.

OmniX is a web-based multi-tool for cryptocurrency disbursements across chains. With OmniX, companies and guilds can manage up to a few thousand cryptocurrency disbursements in a single transaction with minimal fees.

Payroll Managers can customize a Payroll Group and set disbursement dates, tokens, and network through OmniX. It also allows disbursements made in preferred cryptocurrencies across three chains — BSC, ETH, and Ronin. Additionally, Guild Managers can set up Payroll Groups with different revenue share rates for automatically calculated earnings.

How to schedule disbursements on OmniX?

After setting up a custom Payroll Group, Guild Managers or Payroll Managers can view Upcoming Disbursements on the OmniX dashboard.

  • To disburse, select disburse for the relevant Payroll Group.
  • After reviewing the details, click the Disburse button to process the transaction.
  • A pop-up notification will appear for successful disbursements.

When creating a Game Payroll Group, Guild Managers can automate the calculated earning share. You can add dates of disbursement, and customize earning share percentage.

For Fixed Salary, Payroll Managers can create Payroll Groups for multiple members on scheduled dates. Fixed Salary amounts for each member are updated during member creation.

Why Use OmniX For Scheduled Disbursements

OmniX’s Scheduled Disbursements feature speeds up disbursement processes and reduces the risk of errors.

Guild Managers and Payroll Managers only need to add member details once when they create a Payroll Group, eliminating the tedious process of manually inputting details for each transaction. Crypto disbursements enable Guild Managers and Payroll Managers to disburse compensation to Scholars or employees globally.

With OmniX’s scheduled disbursements, it only takes 10 minutes to disburse crypto to 100 users, compared to the long process that can take hours for a 1-to-1 wallet transaction.

“It’s at least in thousands, the scholars we’re managing. Imagine saving time and doing something else that could help with your scholarship program,” Kookoo Crypto TV, a Web3 Community Builder shared, as he expressed his excitement on how OmniX can help manage his time more effectively during an AMA session. “I’m very much excited to use this and share this [OmniX] with our community. I think this will be one of the auto-response of my Facebook page [when people ask how I disburse crypto to my scholars].”

Employees or Guild Scholars can also easily view previous disbursements processed on OmniX.

Guild Managers, businesses that pay with crypto, and anybody with a Metamask and Ronin wallet can disburse cryptocurrency to thousands of users in just a few clicks through OmniX’s multi-chain and multi-token payment solution.

The disbursement features of OmniX can unlock greater efficiency and risk reduction in your crypto payment processes. Experience the best way to get paid in crypto when you sign up for OmniX at app.omnix.finance.

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OmniX is a web-based multi-tool for cryptocurrency disbursements that provides companies and guilds with a convenient, safe, secure, and scalable platform to manage cryptocurrency disbursements across chains in a matter of clicks.

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