Manager cryptoMahalay and Mahalay Gaming PH Wins 1,000 USDT in xSpend Early Access Program!

We are incredibly excited to announce that Manager cryptoMahalay, and his guild, Mahalay Gaming PH, have won 1000 USDT in our bug bounty program!

On 8 December, one of the first ways cryptoMahalay decided to test xSpend was by donating to charity using SLP on his Ronin wallet. The beneficiary was the Asian Center for Missions, a group of Filipino missionaries that travel to remote places to help people in need. Ten of his scholars also utilised the platform to pay for water and internet bills.

“Lahat ng transactions ang bilis. Malaking tulong ito sa lahat ng iskolar ko. Madaling gamitin at intindihin. Maraming mga magulang ang magiging masaya kasi mababayaran nila kaagad ang mga bills gamit ang SLP,” says cryptoMahalay.

(All of the transactions happened so quickly. It will be such a big help to my scholars. The platform is so easy to use and understand. A lot of parents will be happy as they can quickly pay their bills using SLP.)

One of his scholars mentions, “Transactions are smooth and fast, it usually takes 2–3 working days before my mobile network acknowledges my payment. On xSpend, it actually took less than 8 hours for them to confirm it.”

XLD’s Early Access Program was created to support our mission of creating a seamless experience for play-to-earn gamers who need to translate their virtual successes into real life victories.

Mahalay Gaming’s Big Brother
cryptoMahalay started playing Axie Infinity during the pandemic as a way to pass time.

Nung nag start ang pandemic at feel ko matagal ang oras noon. Matagal ko ng gustong makahanap ng online game na magproprofit ako. Nag search sa Google at sumali sa Discord. My first iskolar was my utol. Nakita ko mabilis namin nabawi yung puhunan at dun na nagstart na kumuha ng ibang tao at naging manager,” cryptoMahalay says.

(It started during the pandemic, and I had quite a bit of time. I have long wanted to find an online game where I can earn money. I found it after doing a bit of research on Google and joining Discord groups. My first scholar was my brother. We saw how quickly we got a return on our initial investment, and then we started encouraging other people to join.)

His guild, Mahalay Gaming PH, has 100 members and counting — all of whom crytpoMahalay personally knows — with scholars coming from all walks of life: household staff, barangay officers, construction workers, market vendors, students, and people without permanent work comprise this guild, with ages ranging from as young as 18 to the age of 67. The oldest member of the guild is cryptoMahalay’s father.

He sees himself as a big brother to his guild members, teaching them skills beyond Axie Infinity.

He shares, “As a big brother, need mo silang i-guide sa game at kung paano mag handle ng pera. Crypto and NFT games ay very complex and educating them is very important. Aside from nafafarm nilang SLP, ay may mga rewards din akong binibigay, monetary or in kind. Lastly, need mo silang i-motivate — teach how-to-fish ika nga nila — kasi ang objective ko talaga is maging manager din sila at makatulong din sa iba.

(As a big brother, you need to guide them on how to play the game and how to handle money. Crypto and NFT games are very complex, and educating them is very important. Aside from the SLP that they farm, I also give them rewards, monetary or in kind. Lastly, you need to motivate them — or teach them how to fish, as the saying goes — because my objective with my guild is for them to become managers themselves and help others.)

cryptoMahalay is an Axie Infinity success story: seeing his returns on the game allowed him to quit his corporate job to focus on NFT Games and guild management.

What’s Next for Blockchain-based Gaming
He has a clear vision of what’s in store for the future of play-to-earn gaming, “We will have professionals and teachers in NFT games, universities with blockchain curriculums. A whole new rich society escaping from poverty by just earning while playing. It’s a little ambitious, but I see it happening within the next 15 years.”

In just two more days, anyone with a Ronin or Metamask wallet can now access xSpend and use their GameFi tokens or stablecoins to pay for necessities and utilities. Local Philippine billers include Maynilad, Manila Water, LUELCO, NEECO, and telcos like Globe and Smart. Users with mobile numbers from Bangladesh, India, Indonesia and Malaysia can also purchase mobile prepaid credits through the platform.

To know more about cryptoMahalay and Mahalay Gaming PH, follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

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