Introducing the XLD Community

Our Medium page has been around since March and by now, you’re pretty much aware that we have a Twitter page and Telegram group.

But we want to make it finally official.

Thanks to everyone’s support and engagements, the XLD community continues to grow daily.

Soon, we’ll be launching our huge project that will definitely rock the entire crypto community. What we’ve got is something new and fresh that will excite crypto and non-crypto users so hang tight and follow our socials to stay updated!

Follow us on Twitter @XLDToken! If you’re too shy to drop us an email, mention us or send us a DM and we will get back to you.

If you want real-time updates on our big project, as well as interact with other members of the XLD Community, then join our Telegram group and drop us a message!

We’re excited to have everyone on this journey so if it’s your first time hearing about us, join the XLD community now and become an integral part of our growing community!

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