First 1000 xSpend Users will Receive an NFT Airdrop

XLD Finance’s first project, xSpend is launching in two days and we are excited to announce that the first 1000 unique users to transact on the platform will receive an exclusive minted Genesis XLD Finance NFT!

To transact on xSpend, users will need to: connect their Metamask or Ronin wallet, choose the token they would like to spend (USD Tether, USD Coin, DAI, or Smooth Love Potion), select the mobile network or merchant they would like to transact with, input the account details, and confirm the transaction. For more detailed transaction instructions, read xSpend: The Answers You Need To Know.

The exclusive Genesis XLD Finance NFT will act as your all-access pass to XLD Finance’s future offerings: access to special events, special rates, exclusive airdrops, first looks and more!

Registration for the airdrop starts on 22 December. We start counting to 1000 at launch on 15 December — the earlier you transact, the greater your eligibility!

How to be eligible for the airdrop:

  • Visit our platform on 15 December.

For more updates on the airdrop follow us on Twitter, Medium, and Telegram.



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