Disburse Tokens in a Few Clicks With OmniX, XLD Finance’s Newest Cryptocurrency Solution

Hassle-free Cryptocurrency Disbursements Solution

In just three clicks, guild managers, crypto businesses, and anyone with a Metamask and Ronin wallet can compensate cryptocurrency to thousands of people with OmniX’s multi-chain and multi-token payment disbursement solution. Users can also easily disburse crypto after signing up without any other requirements.

OmniX, The Best Way To Get Paid In Crypto
  • Flexible: Users can schedule fixed salary and automated game revenue share payouts, or one-time CSV upload functions.
  • Organized: Users can manage payroll groups and track high-level or granular payment insights.
  • Automated: Users get automatic calculations for revenue share and schedule payments.
  • Scalable: Users can pay up to a few thousand people in a single transaction.
  • Low-Cost: Users can pay minimal fees for bulk transactions.

OmniX Announces Industry Partnerships

OmniX has teamed up with NFT Gaming Guilds for Axie Infinity, such as Axie University, NFT XStreet, MVP Guild, Sandovibes, and United Gamers Guild so managers can enhance their team’s cryptocurrency experiences, and serve their members with more robust payment options. OmniX has also confirmed its upcoming strategic partnerships with businesses and crypto projects, including Metaverse Go, Metacare, United Gamers DAO to make payroll easier.



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