Creating Ecosystems and Building Communities-Meet Anderson Tan

2 min readJul 21, 2021

The person we’ll be introducing this time is a great entrepreneur, contributor, and angel investor across different communities, notably in cryptocurrency.

Meet Anderson Tan, one of the contributors to the XLD Token.

Anderson has been to different business industries, starting from the digital photography industry, then moved to the food industry where he co-founded and ran ‘Caffe Ti Amo’ before its acquisition.

After that, he shifted to real estate before joining the startup industry and becoming an angel investor. It was a wild ride full of learnings, seminars, meetups, and conferences to get him where he is now.

In the startup community, people know Anderson as a mentor and an investor to more than 100 startups, 10 of which are already unicorns, while in the crypto community, he is known to have participated in 50 token sales worldwide.

Anderson is also an admin to the Facebook group called ‘Cryptocurrency Philippines’ that has over 67,000 members with the goal to educate the local community on cryptocurrencies, decentralization, blockchain, and crypto trading.

Both Anderson and the XLD Team aim to build an amazing ecosystem that will impact billions of people around the world and also connect and educate people on decentralized finance.

Learn more about Anderson: TechShake and LinkedIn

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