Breaking Barriers: Women Empowerment in Web3 Twitter Space Highlights

4 min readMar 22, 2023


On March 8, XLD Finance hosted an event titled, “Women Empowerment in Web3” on Twitter Spaces in celebration of Women’s Month. The event featured a panel of remarkable female professionals who shared their experiences and perspectives on Web3 technology and the significance of women’s participation in the field. The panelists were Josan Dometita, Head of Design at XLD Finance, Muthamma Malanda, Product Director at XLD Finance, Irene Umar, Co-Founder & Indonesia Country Manager at YGG SEA, Khat de Guzman, Co-Founder and COO at Filipinas NFT, and Ida Mok, Co-founder & President of Women in Blockchain Asia/Chief Legal Officer at Fluidity Money.

During the panel discussion, Josan Dometita asked the speakers about the essential skills and qualities for success in Web3. “So for all the speakers,” she said, “maybe you can share what skills and qualities you think are essential for success in Web3? And how can we develop and showcase these skills? Maybe you can also share about any important lessons you’ve learned in your career that could help people who are just starting out.”

Irene emphasized the importance of reducing barriers to entry and learning through play, stating, “The whole purpose of what we’re building right now in a platform is to build an ecosystem to enable everyone to be a part of Web3… And so what we are doing is reducing that barrier to entry…what I’m trying to do is try to remind everyone, “Hey, guys, let’s play games.” Because playing games makes it easier to learn. And that’s what YGG SEA does. We have built a community that stays with us in the bull market and the bear market, and they have uplifted their life.”

The Significance of Women in Web3

Khat shared how her company, Filipinas NFT, is empowering women artists to explore their creativity in the Web3 space, stating, “Our goal is to be able to champion our women, our artists, into the space, give them a great space for them to be able to get out of their shell and explore their creativity and grow with the technology that is currently being developed here in the Web3 space.”

Josan emphasized the importance of having women present in the Web3 space, stating, “I built my team having this vision that it has to have 50% female at least so I think that’s just my drive. To have more women in this field, and the impact would be like, for example, I have a designer in my team that started crypto curious, like investing in tokens and such but now she’s really diving into crypto like every day waiting for like the next crypto news and she’s more into this space. I think that I want to start small in my space that I can, I can have an impact too, to just people in my team to be in this space, like, be here, be present, like, live and breathe Web3.” The speakers collectively shared valuable insights and advice to inspire women to enter and succeed in the Web3 space.

Embracing Curiosity and Asking Questions

Muthamma, emphasized the importance of asking questions, saying “Be a quick learner and don’t be ashamed to ask questions, even if it’s the most stupid question out there.”

Kath also shared an important lesson she learned, resonating with what Muthamma said: “The key thing I learned is to not be afraid to ask… I learned a lot by connecting with people that I felt intimidated by. If I let myself be dumbed down by my fear of talking with people, I won’t grow my skill, I won’t be able to immerse myself in this space. Eventually, I learned how to leverage that communication skill to find community partners who believe in our vision and build our support system for the artists that we are supporting.”

Women in Web3: The Key to Unlocking Growth

Ida shared her perspective on the importance of women’s involvement in blockchain, saying “Why is it important that we get involved in blockchain? From my perspective, based on my context, and my experience, the availability of that technology does not discriminate. The way that technology works actually opens up for anyone to access it, and then derive value from it, which is very different from a traditional financial product. So that is why it is important. Every time a woman gets involved in a project, whether it is Web2, a Web3, the community is belted in the heart of it. The community is belted in the engagement of it every time and that is why we need women to be involved in blockchain.”

The speakers shared helpful tips and ideas to encourage more women to work in the Web3 industry and be impactful. They championed women’s participation in the blockchain industry and highlighted how blockchain technology opens up access for everyone, regardless of traditional financial barriers. Overall, the event showed how powerful women are in Web3 and how they can help shape the future of the field. If you missed the event, catch the replay here, and don’t miss the valuable insights and advice shared by remarkable female professionals in the blockchain industry.

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