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A Detailed Guide on How to Use OmniX

Sending crypto can be relatively simple, but when you need to pay multiple people at once it becomes a time consuming task and the transaction fees can stack up.

With OmniX, you can process crypto disbursements to thousands in just a few clicks.

What is OmniX?

OmniX is a web-based multi-tool for cryptocurrency disbursements across chains. With OmniX, companies and guilds can manage up to a few thousand cryptocurrency disbursements in a single transaction with minimal fees.

Users can simply connect their crypto wallet for batch transactions, schedule fixed salary and automated game revenue share payouts, or one-time CSV upload functions. With OmniX users can also manage payroll groups and track high-level or granular payment insights, get automatic calculations for revenue share and schedule payments.

You will be able to use OmniX in three main easy steps: Connect, Create, and Disburse.

Connect Your Wallet

Before you can start disbursing crypto payments to users, you need to connect your wallet and verify your account first.

  1. Visit the omnix.finance website and launch the app.
  2. Connect your Metamask wallet.
  3. Fill out the signup form with your details, and click submit to be whitelisted. You should receive an approval notification from XLD Finance within 24 hours of signing up.
  4. Once your wallet is whitelisted, you will be able to access OmniX by connecting your wallet and verifying via OTP received on your email.

If you would like to change your email address or Metamask wallet address, you may submit a request at support@omnix.finance.

Connect Your Wallet | How Does OmniX Work?

Create Payroll Groups

After connecting your wallet, you can move forward to creating payroll groups.

  1. Click on Payroll Group on the left panel of your OmniX home screen dashboard.
  2. Select Add Payroll Group, and customize your payroll group accordingly.
  3. Select a Payroll Group type.
  4. Select the token you would use for disbursement.
  5. Choose a network.
  6. Set the dates for the disbursement schedule.
  7. Click Add Payroll Group to confirm all details.

Supported Payroll Group Types

There are currently two major Payroll Group types supported by OmniX.

  • Game — If you are a Guild Manager, you can create a Payroll Group where the earning share is automatically calculated. You can choose from the list of OmniX supported games, add dates of disbursement, and customize earning share percentage. Scholar performance will be automatically pulled via API, and earnings share will be calculated based on earning share percentage. Earnings will be ready for disbursement on the scheduled date.

If your game is not supported on OmniX, you may reach out to us at support@omnix.finance and raise a request to add the game.

  • Fixed Salary — If you are disbursing salaries in crypto, you can create Payroll Groups for multiple members on scheduled dates. Fixed Salary amounts per member are updated during member creation.

Adding New Members

You can easily add new members to your existing Payroll Groups through the Member Management tab on your OmniX home screen dashboard.

Member Management

  1. Click on New Member.
  2. Fill out the form with the new member’s details with their wallet address.
  3. After you click Add Member, a pop up will confirm that you have successfully added a new member to a Payroll Group.

Member Batch Upload

You can also disburse crypto to a batch of users through the CSV Upload.

  1. To add members in batches, download the CSV template from the OmniX website.
  2. Fill out the template with the name, email address, and wallet address.
  3. For Game Payroll Groups, include the Manager’s Wallet address in the CSV file.
  4. For Fixed Salary Payroll Groups, fill out the amount.
  5. Upload the CSV file in the CSV Upload tab.
  6. Review the details, then click add members.
  7. A notification will pop up when new members are added to your Payroll Group.

Create Payroll Groups | How Does OmniX Work?

Disburse To Payroll Groups

After modifying your Payroll Groups, you can now disburse crypto in just a few clicks!

In your dashboard view, payees are queued according to their disbursement schedule.

  1. Under Upcoming Disbursements, select disburse for the relevant Payroll Group.
  2. Review the details of each member.
  3. Click on the Disburse button to authenticate the transaction.
  4. A pop up notification will appear for successful disbursements.

You can view the progress of your transactions, and cancel upcoming disbursements on the OmniX dashboard.

One-time Payments

OmniX also allows users to make one-time payments. The CSV disbursement process allows you to easily disburse funds in one click.

  1. Download the CSV template, and fill out the necessary details.
  2. In the OmniX dashboard, go to One Click Disbursement.
  3. Input the disbursement title.
  4. Select a token and network.
  5. Then click on upload CSV.
  6. The screen will refresh with the payee details for you to review.
  7. To confirm, click the Disburse button.
  8. A pop up notification will appear for successful disbursements.

Disburse To Payroll Groups | How Does OmniX Work?

That’s it! You can now continue using OmniX to easily disburse crypto to multiple people in just a few clicks.

Learn more about OmniX, and future updates when you visit our website, and follow us on our Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter pages.

About OmniX

OmniX is a web-based multi-tool for cryptocurrency disbursements that provides companies and guilds a convenient, safe, secure, and scalable platform to manage cryptocurrency disbursements across chains in a matter of clicks.

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